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Co:create the right combination of sounds to produce an audio masterpiece

Digital Recording

Let's take your creative genius an audible reality!  Mixing, mastering, & all editing can be done in tandem or group settings in order to ensure maximum satisfaction. Our intention is to facilitate musicians, singers, poets, voice-overs, & other creative minds.  Vocal & instrumental private sessions include: project orientation, concept masterminding, & finally recording. With a sample rate of 44,100 times per second we provide the professional amount needed to produce the quality of a traditional music CD.  Life is a song, love is the lyrics!


Music Production

Experience a full on musical journey through the manifestation process of musical creation.  Access over 1001 Sound FX,  popular samples, numerous digital drum kits,  native instruments, & much more. Bring your instrument(s) or inquire about the number of instruments/machines available to facilitate in making of your masterpiece.  Comprehensive consultations are included in all quotes!

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