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Start your sustainably empowered lifestyle to manifest your dreams

Holistic Health

Become the master in complete detoxification, longevity, & super nutrition, in your life! Discover the precise approach which serves best, in respect to your level of consciousness, for reaching superior health. As holistic health practitioners, we sit with you to create a mentally, physically, & spiritually healthy life in a manner that is flexible, fun and free of bondage (fear, denial, etc.) Facilitation is provided to make gradual, lifelong, age defying changes that allow you to manifest your current and future intentions. The power is yours!

Culinary Wizard

Be enlightened on vital information regarding the current worldwide food industry, which directly affects your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Learn ALL the poisonous food additives found in our mainstream marketplaces, used to directly target your mind & immune system. Then find yourself in an empowered position to begin obtaining the absolute healthiest life-force enriched foods available. And finally, we christen you to create delectable dishes using these new found culinary secrets!

Attuned Life

Reveal your true destiny! This sacred session combines traditional counseling and intuitive connection with the Angelic realms. Using Universal Laws and energy healing techniques, you are engulfed with unconditional loving support and spiritual guidance toward achieving peace, bliss, and removing all perceived obstacles. Then connect to your highest Self to invite divine guidance that will inspire epiphany/ miracle revelation. Streamline focus your intentions to experience your divine purpose!

Activating Yoga

Gentle and restorative Yoga for all, beginners to advanced! Experience the union between the mind, body, & spirit. Our Yoga combines breathing with movement to encourage self awareness. Studies determine the effectiveness of Yoga as a complementary intervention for cancer, schizophrenia, asthma & cardiac disease. The benefits of Yoga are plentiful. One who regularly practices Yoga will gain mental & physical strength, flexibility & balance, increased vitality, clarity & contentment are also enjoyed. Reduction in pain, stress, anxiety, blood pressure, weight, depression, arthritis and respiratory ailments are additional benefits worth mentioning. Cholesterol and thyroid regulation have also been experienced from regular practice. Come in and enjoy a class to feel the benefits first hand!

●Meet Your Strawman●

Discover the hidden world of capitalized names, corporate fictions, & legalese.  Gain tips & tricks on how to fully exercise your God given rights in all situations of interaction with peace officers, lawyers, judges & all parties involved in the global admiralty maritime legal system. Declare your inalienable human rights as described in the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights & US Constitution.  Become enlightened with the secrets to becoming the sovereign being Creator intended for you to be!

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