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Mission & Vision

We have a green economy, & sustainable mission: to help all of creation thrive. We do that by focusing on collaborative efforts including event production, holistic wellness, and ancient medicinal/tonic foods. We are the change we wish to see.

Recent Programs

We're continually working hard to improve communities throughout the planet. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), take a sneak peak at our current project(s).

Serving others

If you have a connection to spirit, we want your help. Whether it's sharing concepts & ideas, painting walls of a newly transformed home, or collecting donations, Conscious Minds needs your loving energy.


Carrying out the mission of servitude to allow this planet to THRIVE!

          During these times of great change we seek to evolve as humans.  Evolve to a state of divinity & oneness.  As if the mind was halted in a state of hibernation, conscious minds are awakening & remembering their humanitarian sovereign rights.  Now are the days of deeper understanding of why we are here and  who we truly are.

          With that intention rooted deep within my heart, we have created a platform for spirit to interact with itself. We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on communities, we’re going to make the most substantial impact. The world is made up of these important social connections and if you foster them positively, they’ll pay huge dividends - in love, care, and a better world.Oklevueha Native American Church Independent Branch of Conscious Minds will be of service as long as the trees and grasses grow and rivers flow.

"To unconditionally love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelically divine." _

Ruben MC Medina

The Affiliates

A free world organized collective entity peacefully coexisting outside of the global Military-Industrial Complex & Admiralty Meritime Jurisdiction


Trade, Barter, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Paypal, LiteCoin, MazaCoin, AuroraCoin, DogeCoin *Co-op, **Mountain Hrs, & Federal Reserve Notes (Cash)

* Assist in gardening, organizing, book keeping, data entry, & other collective tasks

** $10/hr Assist the CM in completing simple tasks with this new form of energy exchange. Free world members have risen the minimum wage!

zach nasr

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